Organic agave syrup in Bach flower remedies

The SUNASAR AG is a small Swiss company with big ideas. We were looking for a long tome for a better alternative to alcohol in our organic* Bach flowers.
We decided for an unusual replacement: Agave nectar made from the blue agave in premium quality. The blue Agave Tequiliana Weber grows wild in Mexico and has 6 outstanding properties: alcohol-free, organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free. On request also kosher.
The unique combination of Swiss organic* Bach flowers and Mexican blue organic Agave is the basis for all non-alcoholic organic * Bach flower remedies of the SUNASAR AG.
The blue agave is picked there, where it grows naturally and wild in Mexico. Just like our Bach flowers, which grow in the unspoiled nature in the Swiss Alps.
Each drop of this essence is a natural enjoyment. Because life is just too short to eat something that does not taste good. Therefore we refrain from using alcohol and glycerine, so that you have a good feeling when you taste our Edis organic Bach flowers (stockbottles).